This weeks New Additions – All Irish Country Music

This weeks New Additions – All Irish Country Music!
Thanks to Hot Country Showcase for sending all those great artists.

Simon Peters – Young Country
Pam Jackson – They dont make them like daddy
Noel Flynn – Wrong oh Wrong
Ally Harron – Mamas other man
Anthony McBrien – Point of light
Frank Nelson – Nothing to fast
David Craig – To you mum and dad
John Glenn – There will always be a honky tonk
C.C Cooper – Tonights the heartache on me
Gary Gamble – Wild wood flower
Stuart Moyles – Say goodbye
Jenny  Branniff – Love as we once knew it
John Farry – Waiting on the lights to change
Matt Leavy – Paint the town
Ray Murthagh – So afraid of losing you
Sean Corrigan – Turn it up, turn it loose
Trevor Moyles – Baby dont leave me now
Conor Duffy – Small town saturday night

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